The Raizer Program Begins on January 12!

by Rion Cusco

Attention all Newbies, Mentors and Mechanics… The Raizer Program will begin on January 12, 2014 at 1:00 PM. Venue will be at HPRC, 2nd Floor Activity Center, Harrison Plaza, Malate Manila. For the pilot there’s no race yet but the introduction of the Newbies, the assigning of Mentors and Mechanics and the First Challenge will be held on this schedule so be sure to be present.

And the official list of qualified participants though still incomplete are as follows:

Official List 4

Welcome to TM’s newest reality-based race wherein 18 newbies will team up with 18 mentors of the Grand Raizer fame. They will be supported by 6 trimmers that will serve as mechanics for three teams each. Hosted by Rion Cusco himself together with Marshal John and anchored by the virtual Rin, this event includes challenges, races and other exciting surprises to the participants! They will all be racing from February 2014 to January 2015 in the bid to win P12,000 in cash. What more participants will get to race for free in the segment race, their initial unit/s can enter the main race for free and they will get to win special hop up parts and items of their chosen chassis for free every race either as part of the series’ bonus items or as the main prize for the race.

A special point system will be devised which will be tallied after every scheduled segment race. Rules and conditions will apply and will be posted later.

Race Schedule: Every 2nd and Last Saturday of the Month before the main event.
Race Proper: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Entry Fee: Newbies and Mentors entry fees are free during the segment race and the initial entry of Newbies for qualified units are free for the succeeding main event race.
Format: All-Tamiya Technical
Concept: Chassis Themed Segment Race
Hosted by: TamiyaManila, HPRC and Cusco Productions
Contact Person: Rion Cusco

Prizes and Incentives:

1. The 18 Newbies will initially get a Free chassis depending on their choice from the six (6) available chassis of Grand Raizer (three of each from Super 2, XX, Super FM, VS, AR and TZ). Priority is on a first-post, first-choice basis based on their posting at TamiyaManila website and upon proper screening and evaluation.

2. Each chassis will have a corresponding Mentor who is a Raizer who will be presented to them during the pilot segment. Mentors will guide and teach their Newbies all throughout the entire program. Though Mentors will not be racing initially, they will get first-hand participation later during the latter part of the program either to assist their newbies or to help contribute points.

3. Free items may also be won either as items to be distributed for free during the challenges or as the main prize of the 3 finalists in the segment race.

4. All participants of the Raizer Program segment races get to race in the segment race for free and their initial entry of qualified units used in the segment race to the succeeding main event race are also free.

5. The Newbie with the most number of points by the end of the Raizer Program together with his Mentor and chosen Trimmer will win P12,000 cash and trophies.