Results: Team Assault XI Final Edition (Updated)

by TamiyaManila


Suspense, intense racing action and a breath-taking finale with matching sudden death tie-breaker… All the complete ingredients for an exciting mini4wd movie ending. And all of the racers who competed last night in Team Assault XI – The P26K 150 Car Final Edition felt all that as Rion Cusco has envisioned it to be.

This is John Maddening, racers and spectators, and reporting from the venue that made it happened Harrison Plaza Racing Center in Malate, Manila, we’re here to give you the updated report of the recently concluded season finale of the most popular team-based competition franchise of TM – Team Assault.

Teams trouped down to HPRC yesterday to compete in the event including 3-time Team Champions Team Cavite-Fleet and Elite-TKD. 2-time Team Champion Konoha was also present as well as two contingents of Team hpCore combined with eRacers. Other contenders for the P26k prize money and title were Team LURC from Las Pinas, Team Renegades from North Mall, Team MIB from the East and Team Galas of MCS. All in all P26,000 cash was up for grabs, 7 trophies with titles including the mega trophy and another P6,000 in raffle prizes.


The trophies of Team Assault XI – The P26K 150-Car Final Edition

Sir Rion gave his opening spiel explaining the updated rules and mechanics of Team Assault XI. After that he and Marshal John commenced with the raffle draw. All racers present were treated to free posters, fans, hop up parts, mags, motors and even speed checkers. Everyone was surprized when he announced the real grand prize… a Stratovector Carbon FM complete and ready to run with brand new Carbon 5-Spoke All Power Wheels and Hyper 2 motor. Sir Tolitz Lumibao of Elite TKD took home the highly coveted prize!

The initial round saw three teams gunning for the early lead Team Cavite-Fleet, Galas and hpCore A using a combination of their high performing fleet cars and Omega cars. The first heat saw Cavite-Fleet taking the lead in the score board followed by Team Galas and hpCore A a close third. Relying on the new Omega Cars of their drawn team members, the other teams were left helpless when some of the cars they relied on were defeated by the Omega cars thus activating their Omega Effect abilities… their opponents losing cars were impounded and cannot be re-entered in the game.

But then the lead changed as Sir Bobby Reyes of Team Galas went bumper-to-bumper with Sir Hajji Ocampo of Team Cavite-Fleet scoring point after point for their respected teams. When the remaining Omega cars in the game started activating their secondary abilities – the Omega Bomb then the race took an even harder pace as the Omega cars forced their opponents who defeated them (as long as they don’t jump off-track and landing in a Dud) into re-races all the while plowing in to the next heat with a 1 point score and becoming a regular car. Two racers, Sir Nonitz Borlongan of Cavite-Fleet and Eric Manuel of hpCore A, were able to keep their Omega Cars’ Bombs from exploding long enough to reach the higher heats and scoring triple points for their teams.


The quarter finals inspection and pairing

The middle heats saw Team Galas gaining the upper hand during the second heat but Team hpCore A grabbed the opportunity to close in on Team Cavite-Fleet during the third heat. The quarter finals saw Team Cavite-Fleet still in the lead with 134 points, hpCore A close behind with 123 points and Team Galas with 118 points. Sir Bobby Reyes was all ablaze with his Madbull units with the help of Angelo Roa, a teammate, scoring points and narrowing the gap.

By the semi-finals round, Sir Hajji and Sir Nonitz faced off against Sir Bobby and spectators were surprised when they both jumped offtrack on the first slope leaving Sir Bobby to complete the 6 laps to the finals. Sir Angelo competed against Sir Checked of hpCore A and Sir Nestor Torres of Cavite-Fleet . The last round saw Sir Jockster of hpCore A competing against his teammate Eric Manuel and another car of Sir Hajji and winning against them.

The drama heightened as Sir Jockster needs to win the finals in order to get the much needed 8 points in order for hpCore A to achieve a deadlock at 145 points with Team Cavite-Fleet and force a sudden death which will be a 3-lap tie breaker. If either Sir Bobby or Sir Angelo wins then Cavite-Fleet will be the top scorer and automatically wins TA XI and be declared the 3-Year Saga Series Champions. But with no cars remaining in the finals, Cavite-Fleet needs Galas to win the championship or be forced into a tie-breaker. The tension was heightening as negotiations were being exchanged between the three teams. Spectators were all excited if there is still going to be TA 12.

The finals round commenced and Sir Bobby took the early lead with his Mad Bull. But after the 2nd lap, his car went off track leaving Sir Jockster and Sir Angelo’s yellow Tiger Zap to outrace each other. But the superiority of the 3.5:1 Astute of Sir Jockster proved to be more than what the Tzap can take and he was outran during the remaining laps of the race. Sir Jonathan “Jockster” Lorenze is the Champion at Team Assault XI!

But wait. the deadlock forced both Team Cavite-Fleet and hpCore A into sudden death and thus the burden of carrying the weight of winning fell on the shoulders of the two finalists Sir Nestor and Sir Eric. As per the rules of TA, it will be 3-lap race to determine who will get the needed 1 point crucial to break the tie and declare the winner of Team Assault XI. Both seasoned racers released their cars simultaneously and Sir Nestor’s car started to increase its distance from Sir Eric’s during the tracks’ long straights. In the end, Sir Eric’s Synchromaster was not able to catch up and Sir Nestor won the tie-breaker declaring for himself and his team the victory and the the title of Team Assault 3-Year Saga Champion to Team Cavite-Fleet.

So on behalf of Rion Cusco, John Bennet de Leon and of course Jet Pesquira, this is John Maddening of JohnRion Productions. Yes, Team Assault was finally given the epic conclusion that it rightfully deserves after three years and Team Assault I to XI will yet go down the annals of Philippine mini4wd history as one of the most successful team-based competition franchise and yet another feather in his cap for the race organizing virtuoso Rion Cusco.

And yes Team Assault is finished never to be repeated again. But as what I have overheard last night it will be replaced by a bigger and more exciting team-based competition series from the race wizard himself. Don’t want to preempt Mr. Cusco early but let me whisper it to you….


the philippine mini4wd league….

See you folks and have a very merry CHRISTMAS!!!

Team Category

Champion – Team Cavite-Fleet
2nd Place – Team hpCORE-A
3rd Place – Team Galas

Team Assault 3-Year Series Champion – Team Cavite-Fleet

Individual Category

Champion – Jockster Lorenzo, Team hpCORE
2nd Place – Angelo Roa, Team Galas
3rd Place – Bobby Reyes, Team Galas



Angelo Roa, Bobby Reyes and Jockster Lorenzo


Team Cavite/Fleet – Standing L to R: Nonits, Nestor, Lhey, Paul and Fritz. Seating: Gigi and Hajji


Team hpCORE-A and B: ?, Darwin, Othan, Jockster, Checked, Patrick, Kenneth, Jay, Toni and Eric


Team Galas: Richard, Angelo, Karl, Bobby and Germs


Special Mention: Sir Tolitz Lumibao, Grand Prize winner of the Stratovector Carbon FM RTR


Thank you to all the sponsors TamiyaManila, HPRC, The Cusco Shop, Lils Hobby Center, Tamiya Underground and LOTS’A PIZZA. Special thanks also to all the teams who supported Team Assault all these years, KGV, Cavite-Fleet, Elite-TKD, Blizzard, LURC, MIB, Renegade SQRC, MIB, Konoha, Galas, hpCore, eRacers, Batangas, TNA and many others. Team Assault would have not been successful without you. Kudos for another great race mga katams!