Results (Updated): PM4C December Grand Prix, December 29, 2013


by: Eric Manuel

The road to find out who the top ten racers for 2013 are has just got clearer.  The outcome of this month’s PM4C Grand Prix held last Sunday did not shake the standings much, except for an hpCORE stalwart solidifying his spot amongst the elite. Jockster Lorenzo of hpCORE added a heap of points for his cause by placing third in this competition that went in the way of ultra-dominant team Cavite-Fleet again.  Even though Jockster came short of a champion finish, the placing puts him comfortably within the top ten ranks.  His win was essentially the top story that night.

The December Grand Prix of this year’s premier mini 4-wheel drive league, PM4C, emanated from Harrison Plaza Racing Center last Sunday, Dec. 29th.  Lhey Jutic of team Cavite-Fleet banked on his unit’s stability to capture the top spot in this race. He is joined by his captain Hajji Ocampo in the podium, who placed second. The southern duo blazed through the eliminations with impunity, capitalizing mostly on the speed and stability Cavite-Fleet’s units are known for.  Even with the surprisingly difficult course laid out (eRacers’ layout was chosen for this leg), these gentlemen found a way to adapt their speed-tuned machines and leave the  600  plus competition helpless. Point-wise, the first-runner-up finish did not do anything to Hajji’s bid to become 2013’s Racer of the Year, other than root his stake at the top deeper. And with two stalwarts from Cavite-Fleet, the pride of the south is now a no-brainer to bag the top team award as well.

Semi-finalists include JM Sales, Team LURC – (2 cars, +20 PM4C points), Willy Eroles – Team Elite (10 points), and this author, yours truly Eric Manuel – Team eRacers (10 points).  Not one of these three gentlemen though, was able to break through the top ten. They, along with other hopefuls, will have their last crack 2 weeks from now, when the twelfth and final leg of Pilipinas M4WD Championship takes place at HPRC. Who will make it to the top ten? At least 5 slots are already guaranteed, unless an unlikely sweep of the finals by any one from those just outside of the coveted crop happens. So get ready, tune up those minis, beef up that fleet, and go all-in on January 12, 2014! Who knows, you might just be one of the prestigious few! \m/


Champion – Lhey Jutic, Team Cavite/Fleet
2nd Place – Hajji Ocampo, Team Cavite/Fleet
3rd Place – Jockster Lorenzo, Team hpCORE


Jockster Lorenzo, Team hpCORE   (2 cars)
JM Sales, Team LURC – (2 cars)
Willy Eroles – Team Elite
Eric Manuel – Team eRacers