Results: Masters’ Challenge Final Edition


The last race of Tamiya Manila’s longest running race series, Masters’ Challenge, was staged Sunday at Harrison Plaza Racing Center.  The TM original concept race ran for 3 years and has been the breeding ground of many of today’s top racers.  With a unique, one-of-a-kind theme that hinges on the development of the TM racer, Masters’ Challenge fueled the competitive fire of every racer.

Masters’ Challenge delivered for the last time the excitement and thrill it has been known for through the years. With most of the seasoned racers already Masters, the Challengers field appeared to be but a mix of young hopefuls, almost deplete of talent.  That is what it at least appeared to be.  As turned out, four racers earned the last tickets to crash the Masters’ pool.  Patrick Furigay (hpCORE), Lito Lumibao (TKD – Hello Kitty),  Jandrick Esteban (LURC), and Paul Liangco (Cavite-Fleet) became the last batch of Masters.  Amongst them, two capitalized on the opportunity and led the final charge against the established Masters!  Lito Lumibao, the most seasoned racer among the new Masters, banked on his extensive experience and endgame savvy to capture the runner-up slot.  The man who maintains the popular “pink fleet” drove one of his Tiger Zap units and landed it right to the Finals.  Paul Liangco, the former Elite journeyman that was picked up by powerhouse Cavite-Fleet, was the other Challenger-turned-Master who made it to the Finals.  Despite finishing as second runner-up, Paul was the story of the night. Almost alien to the podium, Paul steadied his nerves and steered his Egress TZX to the third place finish.  He could hardly believe he made it.  Paul was smiling from ear-to-ear after the race, while compliments were being showered by peers and fellow racers.

Only Jockster Lorenzo of team hpCORE prevented a Masters shutout.  His Astute TZX powered through the competition and drove through the Championship!  He bagged the title of the last Masters’ Challenge champion – and his name etched in the story of Tamiya Manila’s longest running race series to date.

The semifinalists comprised of: Paul (2 cars) Jandrick (1 car) Jockster (1 car) Lito (1 car) Hajji Ocampo (1 car)

The stage is now set for the Masters Arena two weeks from now. There will be no more Challengers. The competition is surely going to be cutthroat. The Master of all Masters will be crowned. Who will it be? Find out on January 19th, when the Masters Challenge makes history! \m/


Champion – Jonathan “Jockster” Lorenzo, hpCORE
2nd Place – Lito Lumibao, TKD
3rd Place – Paul Liangco

Lito, Jockster and Paul

Lito, Jockster and Paul

The Graduates (Last Batch)


Back Row: Patrick, Lito and Janrick.  Front Row: Paul