Results: Konoha’s Double Trouble Race – December 1, 2013



by: Eric Manuel


Konoha capped their 2013 Concept Race series last Sunday with Double Trouble,  bringing the brand of technical racing that Captain Netor Borja and Konoha is known for.  On this race, Hajji Ocampo stamped his dominance of today’s races once more at the expense of some of the best racers in Tamiya Manila.  No one could stop the team Cavite/Fleet boss as he streaked right through the top.  Fellow team mate Nestor Torres can only trail behind Hajji in the finals, and had to content himself with a runner-up finish.

The sorry story that night though was of hpCORE stalwart Jonathan Zaguirre.  On the finals get go, Jonathan’s unit – a customized Rising Trigger on a TZX chassis – was left running on the tracks as both Hajji’s and Nestor’s units spun off-track.  However, Jonathan’s car could not get the job done as it inexplicable spun out at the seventh lap!  It forced a 3-lap re-race.  With the finalists feeling the pressure, each made their final adjustments on their units and readied for a final run for the championship. This time, the hpCORE representative led right off the GO – blitzing through the obstacles and weaving through the twists and turns of the course.  But just as it seemed Jonathan had the championship in the bag, his unit once again inexplicable flew-off!  That gave the trailing unit of Hajji Ocampo the top finish.

The exciting finals was a fitting end to the 2013 Konoha campaign. TamiyaManila is grateful for the Konoha’s brand of wit-exhausting technical racing. Cheers to team Konoha! \m/


Champion – Hajji Ocampo, Team Cavite/Fleet
2nd Place – Nestor Torres, Team Cavite/Fleet
3rd Place – Jonathan Zaguirre, Team hpCORE