Results (Updated): King of the Hill 3 “3 Point Turn, December 22, 2013


by: Eric Manuel

TAMIYA MANILA caps the Christmas season with the conclusion of the LURC concept race trilogy – The King of the Hill 3 “3 Point Turn”.  And what better way to leave the mark of LURC racing in every racer’s mind than an emphatic finish!  There was no shortage of excitement and drama last Sunday at Harrison Plaza Racing Center!  The three alternating starting lane of the 3 Point Turn mechanics added a new twist to the race as racers have to adjust their setting as to where the starting lane is – on top of the bank, on level tracks or the feared climbing up the hill or bank. Add to that the 10K guaranteed cash prize,  the five trophies for the top five finishers (which LURC has made a brand of this 2013 season), and premium Tamiya items – and everyone got themselves one race that would go down in TM history!

The competition was tight and the excitement was intense.  It was everybody’s ballgame.  Somehow though, 2013’s winningest racer Hajji Ocampo still managed to not get caught with all the rip-raffs.  One of his feared 4.2:1 Light Dash Year of The Rat units tore through the pack heat after heat and landed the top spot!  Capitalizing on speed, stability, and a serving of luck, Hajji’s unit had to catch up behind the third place finisher Avante TZX of Alexander “Rion” Adan for more laps.  As it turned out, the 5:1 Power Dash-powered unit of the LURC founder was the most watched out setup this season as it carries the most powerful motor for all-tam technical racing today, the Power Dash. It too managed to leave all its competitors behind up to the championship. Though during the finals, Sir Rion’s unit could not handle the momentum that the high-end motor is delivering, eventually running on two sideshows before it could finish the 9-lap Finals! But even then it managed to complete the entire nine laps running close third.  Rion’s two sideshows paved the way for an exciting neck-to-neck race for the championship between the Year of the Rat and Jhay-R Benosa’s 4:1 Light Dash Laser Gill TZX!  Jhay-R’s unit eventually lost, settling for second place. Still, the finish was a big one for the MIB stalwart, proving that he is one force to reckon with as the TM Festival nears! All three Tech Dash units made an almost photo finish through the final lap. All three Dash Motor users has proven that the even if a technically intricate track layout will be laid upon them still the Tech Dash users will be able to pull off a win.

Rounding up the top 5 were  Allan Pagaduan (Avante) of LURC and eRacers’ Jun Navarro (Tiger Zap).  The consolation 6th place went to Allan’s brother Ace with his Tiger Zap unit.  The prizes, fun, excitement, camaraderie, and competition all summed up to a successful conclusion of a concept race that is worth doing a repeat of this 2014 season!  LURC is holding back from spilling the beans though if they’re retaining their original concept race or not.  One thing is sure though, this young, southern team will deliver the same,  if not surpass, mini4wd excitement next season like they always do year after year! \m/


Alex "Rion" Adan, Hajji Ocampo and JhayR "Egress" Benosa

Alex “Rion” Adan, Hajji Ocampo and JhayR “Egress” Benosa


Champion – Hajji Ocampo, Team Cavite/Fleet
2nd Place – Jhay-R “Egress” Benosa, Team MIB
3rd Place – Alex “Rion” Adan, Team LURC

Special Prizes

Allan, Jun and Ace

Allan, Jun and Ace

4th Place – Allan Pagaduan, LURC
5th Place – Jun Navarro, eRacers
6th Place – Ace Pagaduan, LURC