PM4C November Grand Prix this Sunday at HPRC! Race to the Top 10!!!!!



by Rion Cusco



Since the Top Racer and Top Team Awards has already been decided this early,  focus of the remaining GP races will be the composition of 2013 Top 10 Racers.  Yes, TamiyaManila will recognize this year’s top 10 racers based on accumulated  PM4C points.  And to make the remaining races more exciting, a 5-point bonus will added to regular PM4C points.  Who will compose TM’s 2013  creme de la creme, that’s the question that will be answered in the next races!

CLICK  To know your PM4C points.

An  it is also the 34th and 3th Face-Offs, the second to the last, of the reality-themed concept Dat Am4zing Race pitting the Eclectic Racers eRacers vs. The Elite Force of Team Elite in the first game and the Seasoned Racers Galas vs the Northern Alliance of TNA in the second game so be sure to be early on Sunday to get the chance to win instant prizes!

So if you are craving for fast-paced technical dash racing then everything exciting is happening this Sunday at Harrison Plaza Racing Center. So if you still think to miss this particular Sunday out, then you miss yourself on a part of Mini4WD history.


Race Schedule: November 24, 2013 (Sunday)
Registration: 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Entry/Re-Entry Fee: P35 or 3 for P100
Format: All-Tamiya Technical Concept
Incentive-Based Themed Race
Hosted by: TamiyaManila
Contact Person: Jun Navarro and Alexander Adan


For PM4C
1. Trophies, Cash Prizes, TM Festival Entry Points and PM4Championship Points for Top Finishers every series.
2. Premium Trophy, Cash Prizes and Special Items during TM Festival for the Top-Scoring Racer of the Year and Racing Team of the Year.

New Mechanics:

Track Pool

All sponsor teams of TM are required to submit two (2) layouts to be posted in TM Concept Races FB page to serve as pool of track layouts to be used for the monthly edition of PM4C. TamiyaManila or it’s authorized representative will draw the track design to be used for the event day. Drawn track layout will be used for that particular event. Track layout maximum dimension must be 3 straights x 7 straights and limited to 3 pairs of slope section (including the table top), 1 bridge lane changer and 1 pair of bank approaches. If the track layout will not adhere to these specifications then it will be automatically disqualified. Deadline of submission is one day before the race event date or for this particular Grand Prix November 24, 2013.